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Here is Anna!

Why should I buy?

A professional fully rigged character at your finger tips! Designed to provide an intuitive workflow with IK/FK snap, auto-stretch and dynamic, this rig should meet all your needs. With a smart edge flow,  the models are 100% quads. Experience a quick and easy way to select the body parts: thanks to the proxy picker, you'll be glad not to click 10 times on the wrong controller because there are too many of them overlapping at the same place.

Looking for a male model? Check the Kevin rig.

A part of each sale is donated to the Blender Foundation, helping Blender growing every day.

 I'd recommend to read the whole documentation for an in-depth how-to-use.

It has been tested several times, however if you encounter any bugs, please report it, it will be fixed as soon as possible.

Anna Rig Documentation


Animation tests : Lipsync    Walkcycle


Please note it does not include an auto-rig system. If you need one, you may be interested in Auto-rig Pro.


Detailed features list :


-Arms, legs: IK/FK switches and snap, stretchable chains, with auto-stretch as an option. Autokey does work when snapping the chains. Automatic twist bones + twist offset controller to adjust the bone roll.

-Spine: fully stretchable

-Advanced facial setup with more than 50 controllers such as eyelids, eyebrows, eye scale, jaw, teeth, tong, nose, cheeks inflate and much more.

-Very flexible rig with plenty of secondary deformers on each part of the body using an additive rig for advanced pose sculpting.

-Dynamic hair and breast. Can be turned on/off.

-Left and right bones axis are mirrored to enable transform mirror in one click

-Bones picker panel in a separate window to easily select the controllers and show/hide layers.

-Library presets for fingers

-Controllers are set in several layers to display only the needed ones  



-Clean and optimized modelling, 100% quads - animation oriented topology with smart edges flows

-Set of clothes, hair (polygonal), shoes included




-Custom shader groups with diffuse and bump maps, advanced skin shader fast to render

-Tangent reflection for the hair  



-Consistent naming, organized scene with logical groups and layers. Ready to be appended in any scene!  



-The model is totally blown up when opening the file!

When opening the file, make sure "Trusted source" is checked. Otherwise the rig scripts and drivers dependencies won't run, and will make the whole thing unusable (exploded mesh, very slow...) Go to  User Preferences (Ctrl-Alt-U) -> File -> Auto Run Pythons Scripts to set it enabled by default.

-I can't turn on surface subdivision.

Uncheck or tweak the simplify parameter. This parameter overrides the subsurf level of every object in the scene.



Release log :

2.8: Update to Blender 2.9x

2.7: Update to Blender 2.8x

2.6: Updated to the latest version of Auto-Rig Pro. Grouped the objects. Cleaned the picker objects.

2.5d: Updated to the latest version of Auto-Rig Pro. New panel layout and colors, new rig features. Fixed the unlinked custom shape datas, made UI picker background path relative.

2.4: Set the IK-FK switch curve to 'linear' instead of 'flat'. Clean unused drivers. Lips bones are now proxy-picker compliant.

2.2c: Corrected some little mistakes. The eyelids controllers were not accurately symetrized, the jaw proxy was wireframe only. Better eye texture.

2.2: Eyes goodies! More shape controllers + optional texture for the eye shader.

2.1 : Picker panel update with solid color. Clicking the layers buttons now shows/hides the hair objects as well.

2.0b : When the arms were stretched to high values it lead to a wrist inflation. Fixed now by setting up better constraints and bones realtionships.

2.0a: Lips texture shape improved. A new camera for rendering  (weirdly the UI cam was used for rendering by default previously). Improved the shirt model (the collar was not curved properly).

1.99d: The clothes were no more link to the dedicated group. The "jaw round" shape key was accidentally moving the eyelids too.

1.99: A new teeth model!

1.98: Added a transparency gradient for the mouth inner sides, so that the mucus shader fades smoothly. Added a "Reset All" button in the proxy picker to set all controllers transformations to 0, and to set the default values of the IK-FK and stretch properties.

1.97: Some new features on the lips rig: when opening the jaw the lips corners now move down for a more natural result. Added more lips controllers and unlocked a few translations axis for a better control over the shape.

1.96: Enjoy the new long hair model! Rigged, textured... Dynamic is on the todo list. Jeans and t-shirt models revisited: the body mask modifiers are not needed anymore to hide the skin, results in a fps performance boost (25 fps using a gtx580) New t-shirt bump map with folds, and diffuse map

1.95:Better shoes topology and added new cool shaders parameter for the jeans color

1.94: Smoothed vertices for the mouth offset position shape key 1.93: Solved a small penetrating eyelid-eye faces issue

1.92: Hair variation map revisited for a more natural feel. Added new useful shaders values to it: "brightness" and "contrast"

1.91: Hair model: improved topology/UV maps and shader. Color variation now gives expected results with a new "color variation" value (only "variation amount" before)

1.9 and below:  Smoothed lips corners in extreme position -modified the eye color mask so that it fits the iris shape better-added a lips bump map with a slight unwrap modif -moved the proxy nose controllers to the second layer.

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Blender Version 2.79, 2.8, 2.81, 2.82, 2.83, 2.9, 2.91, 2.92, 2.93, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3
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