Anatomy & Character Creation In Blender

by Victory3D in Training

  • Basic knowledge of Blender is required. Photoshop or a free painting program like Krita is required.

Course Info

If you are struggling to create a good looking character, that's because you have not yet mastered the human anatomy. If you have tried several times to create a realistic character, but saw very little or no improvements at all, that's because you have not taken the time to truly understand the underlying structure of the human body. Don't worry, my name is Corazon Bryant, professional 3d artist and educator. In this course, I will teach you the human anatomy in depth.

What you will learn in this course:

  • Gain knowledge of the skeletal system
  • Gain knowledge of each individual muscles that show on the surface
  • Learn how to identify muscles, bones, and fat from real photos
  • Learn muscle connections (origin and insertion)
  • Learn about proportions and gender differences
  • Create a realistic character from scratch
  • Learn how to make a human skin lifelike
  • Learn how to create hair using sculpting tools and geometry nodes
  • Learn how to composite and enhance renders
Who this course is for:
  • For those who are struggling to create a character after so many attempts. It is time to learn the anatomy. :)

What is included:

  • Video files
  • Project files

If you are ready to create a 3d character that actually looks like a human character, then the Anatomy and Character Creation course in Blender in just for you. You will learn everything you need to be able to make incredibly detailed and lifelike characters. Take your character creations skills to the next level, come and join this course at Victory3D.

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