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  • Hmevissen
    8 months ago

    It's ok but not great.

  • JJ
    9 months ago

    Nicely-shaped results, so promising. But, I've had this addon for months now expecting more logical updates but there haven't been any.

    The primary logical update is to add a density control. There is no clear way to control the fog density, and I often can't use this addon because of that lack of control. The fog will come in and be a nice shape, but it's always too strong. All I want is to be able to dial it down (and up) in a simple way. Please add that.

    Then the other logical update is to label things more accurately. Even if these menu options are more wax poetic than scientific or whatever, they'd be nicer than "fog a #2" or whatever. Call em like different vibes. Get cool with it. Like "disco mode" for that one. "Fire season" for one or something.

  • Jean Claude De La Ronde
    9 months ago

    Bought your Add on...
    Seriously, this needs a Youtube video tutorial to show us how this works.
    Been going at it for almost 2 hours on my side and nothing seems to work.
    A pdf explaining at least how it works would've been a huge help.
    I'm switching from EEVEE to Cycles because I don't know if the add on is working on both of them or one in particular.
    If you do have a youtube channel.
    Redirect me there asap please.
    Thank you.

  • Jim Hart
    9 months ago

    I'm actually surprised at the # of 5-star ratings this product has. I think it suffers from a number of issues, and probably won't use it until some of them have been resolved as I can create my own faster than the time it takes to find the right preset/parameter tweaks. (I saw in the response to one review that an update is being worked. Good! And I'll change my rating if these problems are addressed.)

    1) The interface needs a lot of work. Period. The thumbnails are named with numbers and letters (e.g., "Fog 2 #b"), which provides no information. So if you're looking for a specific effect, you have to try them all until you get what you're looking for.

    2) Settings: Each preset comes with a different set of material settings, though it is not clear why this is. Some have one fog setting group ("Fog 1") and others have 2 ("Fog 1" and "Fog 2") that are mixed together. For those with 2 fog settings, there is no way to know which one creates what portion of the fog. (A workaround is to change the colors of each setting (e.g., red and blue) and then adjust them separately to get what you are looking for.) It would be helpful instead to have a way to toggle on and off each fog setting, so it isn't so complicated to tweak the parameters.

    3) Once a fog is applied to the selected objects (it's easy to forget to select the objects you want to fog to surround!), you have to delete the fog to try a different preset. It would be so much easy to select a fog (cube), and then change the material settings by applying a new preset. That would make it faster and easier to find the preset you're looking for.

    4) Lacks clarity: Some of the material settings just don't make a lot of sense to me. And since there is ZERO documentation, I am left to tweak the settings and hope I'll land on the right group to give me what I want. Examples:
    >> Roughness? Not sure how this applies to fog volume, though it does seem to change it up some.
    >> From/To - Min/Max: I have yet to figure out how these 4 settings work. I *WILL* say that they are related in some way. Example, if the "From Max" value exceeds "From Min" value, it causes the fog to completely fill the box. Why? I don't know. No documentation, so I can't read up on this.

    5) Density: I would think that there is a material setting that would control the density of the fog, but that doesn't seem to be the case. (I think the "To Min/Max" parameters do affect density, but no idea how this works, and haven't spent the time digging into the nodes to understand this.) Looking at the node groups, "Density" is generally set with a value that cannot be reached from the material settings. As such, there's no way to lighten or thicken the fog without going into the nodes. Some presets have a "Density" parameter, but it is not attached to the volume scatter density setting. Again, not clear what this parameter is for since there is no documentation.

    6) No documentation; no tutorial videos. Given the obtuse way the parameters work, this is unforgiving. Seriously, do a 10 minute tutorial and describe how the parameters work.

    What I like about it:
    1) Plenty of presets! (This also works against using the product as it takes longer to find the right preset that I'm looking for.)
    2) Easy access to the parameters.
    3) Render speed is reasonable.
    4) Price is more than reasonable if I could get it to work.
    5) The parameters that are clear make it easy to manipulate the fog.

    Key suggestions:
    1) Make fog assets available that can be dragged and dropped into the scene, then tweaked.
    2) Make it possible to replace existing fog objects (cubes) by selecting and clicking on a different preset.
    3) Revamp the parameters (material settings) to be more consistent across the presets.
    4) Categorize (group) the presets and name them so its clearer what it does.

  • Robert Green
    9 months ago

    Pleased with what it's been able to produce so far! One future feature request, but totally understand if it's not possible. I'd love to animate fog changing over time. Or is that already possible? Thanks for creating this!

  • echoform
    9 months ago

    Very promising addon but UX is flawed. Selecting objects to create the fog box is not ideal in more complex scenes. There should be options to either select objects or auto calculate the bounds of existing objects to crate the fog scale. Also it's very buggy. Applying scale sometimes blacks out the fog. Also some of the shaders are not hooked up so adjusting density changes brightness and not the actual density itself. It needs a lot more quality control and testing. I am using Blender 3.61.

  • Nathan
    9 months ago

    Nice idea but completely useless interface. A bunch of tiny thumbnails that show you absolutely nothing, with names like "Fog 32 #4."

    • Alt Tab

      9 months ago

      Hey Nathan, we agree that the interface needs improvement! Working on an update right now with better previews, category names for fogs (ground fog, haze, flowing fog etc.) and a much more friendly user interface.
      We’re also going to include options for people to modify the panel inside the preferences.
      Sorry that the addon isn’t up to standards yet…uni is taking alot of my time recently.

  • Frank Hilton
    10 months ago

    Pretty nice addon. Its quick and easy with plenty of options to edit. Even though in vanilla Blender this is fairly easy. But, not if you need to add textures, colors and all that. It would take a little longer. I love the gallery of presets. Good job. Thanks

  • Kej
    10 months ago

    very useful addon

  • Patrizio
    11 months ago

    5 stars ... very easy and powerful, bought immediately, with 2 details it deserves praise ...
    1. the previews are small and all look the same, impossible to view and remember the differences
    2. there is no reset of the chosen material, if I make a modification and reselect the starting gives me back the modified one.

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