Alive! Animation Course In Blender

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! Course's files and rigs now updated for Blender 4.x !
Alive! Is the most extensive Blender animation course released to this date. It will take you from the very fundamentals of motion in Blender to high-end, advanced level character action animation.

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Course requirements

This course is for perfect animation beginners to advanced animators. You don’t need to know how to animate in Blender but you do need some experience with the software to be comfortable with its UI, base tools and navigation.


What’s included in the course

  • More than 180 videos
  • Over 32 hours of lessons and exercises
  • All blender files per lesson
  • A ball rig
  • A Low poly squirrel rig
  • A Battle mech robot rig
  • A super hero “Trident” character rig 

What you will learn

Getting access to educational animation content is generaly quite expensive and often difficult to know where to start. That’s why I’ve designed this course to give you all the fundamentals of animation and teach you the tricks and techniques you’ll need to create everything from a cute character short to kickass action animations. We will cover all of this using Blender, the free and open source software, but you will be able to transfer all these techniques to any other software or animation medium. There is something in this course for everyone from complete animation beginners to more experienced animators.

 Blender animation tools and workflow

  • From your first keyframe to in depth animation tool understanding. (dopesheet, action editor, NLA, graph editor…)
  • Animating simple objectUnderstanding 3D space
  • Animating a rigged object with multiple bouncing ball exercice

Animating a rigged character

  • Full pipeline to create a short animation, step by step
  • Preproduction
  • Using the camera
  • Staging

 Introduction to advanced animation techniques

  • Animating a robot with the layered approach
  • Introduction to space switching
  • Human locomotion
  • Advanced step by step run cycle
  • Advanced step by step walk cycle

 The art of posing

  • Reference studies
  • Body mechanics
  • Pushing the pose

 Advanced action animation, 4 hit combos, full process.

  • Reference studies
  • Blocking
  • Breakdowns
  • Blocking plus
  • Splinning
  • Polishing

Character intro Animation (available 2022-03-04)

  • Camera Work
  • Planning
  • Full blocking
  • Environment and composition
  • Advanced polishing techniques

 What the artists say


Daniel Zettl - Senior animator at Moon Studio

"In this high-end animation course Pierrick teaches you how to craft frame-by-frame physicality through understanding force and posing. A killer Blender-workflow with hotkeys, editors and tools will make you comfy in Blender and push beginners as well as veterans to 110% craft wise. A masterful one-stop-shop for every power animator."

Richard Lico - Animation director at Polyarc

"Pierrick does such an incredible job explaining animation, and especially space switching! His clarity of explanation is unrivaled. Things like the difference between local and world space is crystal clear. His visuals are also clean and extremely easy to understand. The later courses go into critical depth on much of the animation process where he manages to maintain his clarity despite the complexity of the topic. I can't recommend his course enough! If you're a blender animator, there's plenty for you here!" 


Zacharias Reinhardt – Founder and lead instructor at CGBoost

"This is one of the best Blender courses I have watched so far - period. Both, the way Pierrick is conveying the info, and how he presents it in nicely edited videos, is just perfect to understand the complex topic of animation. He is starting with the very basics and step-by-step guides us into learning how to create complex character animations. I really like the great practical examples, and that he is not only focusing on the technical aspect, but also how to study reference material and how to make the animations look and feel appealing. Pierrick really knows his craft, and how to pass his knowledge over to us. If you want to get into animation, this is the only course you will ever need. This is a true masterpiece - highly recommended!"


Todor Nikolov -

"Pierrick has done it again. After creating the definitive guide to Rigging, he's now tackled Animation in Blender like nobody else."


Fin’ O’Riordan – Blender alchemist

“A real zero to hero course... Pierrick covers everything from basic tools to advanced techniques....”


Petar Markovich - Ubisoft - Senior Gameplay Programmer

"I've picked up so many helpful techniques and best practices from Pierrick's Blender course"


Course evolution:

Pay once and get any further lessons and updates for free. New lessons will be added to the course later on.


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