Alien Monk With Shelby Space Deluxe Ufo Rigs (2.8)

by Blender Pirate in Models

This combo is an old project semi brought back to life for everyone to enjoy!

The Alien Monk is a completely rigged biped character with IK/FK & IK stretch switches as well as a custom spine of my own design that allows for very complex motion. The face is a special facial rig with muscle bones that allows for nearly all the facial expressions possible and even exaggerated ones. A library of 46 different facial expression is included. There is also a rigged cloak that is hidden that can be used and is ready to simulate with cloth.

The Shelby Space Deluxe UFO is a fully rigged spaceship that has a complete paint color customization setup. You can change the colors on the fly and even change the pin stripes as well as the racing stripes. Even the engine is animated (fully rigged inside as well) and there is also fake volumetric thrusters fire with controls on its length and intensity. As well as the color.

This project was initially started in 2.79b with Render-man for Blender. Now I've adapted it to Eevee and 2.8 and also heavily modified the rigs to meet a certain rigging standard for animators.

I sell both as a combo for $30 or 20$ each on their own.

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I will update this file from time to time with fixes if there are any needed to be done as well as with some extra animations. 

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Published almost 5 years ago
Blender Version 2.8
Render Engine Used Cycles, Eevee
License Royalty Free
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