Ah-1S Mod Cobra - Attack Helicopter

by bluepython in Models

Resembling closest to the AH-1s-MOD version of the Cobra Attack Helicopter, this 3d model gives plenty of polygonal detail to meet the needs of those looking for nice close-up shots. But it's not over the top in poly count, so it can be used in the background as well.

It's modeled lower/mid poly with added edges, to use with a subdivision modifier (or smooth proxy in other 3d software), to give it a high res look.

UV unwrapped so UV maps are partitioned into 5 sections (cockpit is split into 3 sections):

    - Body section
    - Props section
    - Cockpit section (hull section, gunner section, pilot section)

Each section has non-overlapping UV's with 8k texture maps (color, roughness, metal, etc.), although each section's UVs overlap with the other sections.

There's a secondary Blender download non-bake version of the model. This file resembles the original working file with mostly procedural materials/textures (there's some image textures for instrument panels, dials, hull text, etc.). This is an alternative production version, for better quality closeup shots, although render time might be longer.

Included with the download is a seat harness model (zipped). This can be used in the cockpit for pilot and gunner seats. It was left in a separate file and the model is laid out flat, so it can be rigged or utilized with cloth effects.

The AH-1s was one of the intermediary versions of the Cobra AH-1. Starting with the Vietnam War era AH-1g, it progressed through various versions post-Vietnam War, including the AH-1s. It underwent different versions/upgrades. The AH-1f was the latest version of the Cobra that is still in use today within some countries.

This AH-1s has most of it's instruments (save a couple features) and other primary cockpit parts. Some of these are the older instruments and dials, compared with the newer AH-1f. There is some artistic interpretation but much of the cockpit and other helicopter parts, are based off of actual operational manuals.
Published over 1 year ago
Blender Version 3.4
Render Engine Used Cycles
Misc Data Uvs-Unwrapped, Normal-Mapped, Textured
License Royalty Free
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