Advanced Array Tool

by Jas9r in Modifier Setups

Advanced Array Tool is compatible with Blender 3.4 and above. For a better user experience it's recommended to use the latest version.

Please keep in mind that Geometry Nodes are not backward compatible, meaning that if you save a file using Blender 3.5, it will no longer work correctly in Blender 3.4


To install Advanced Array Tool, simply add it to your Asset Library. (For Blender 3.4, please use the "Append" method.)

Using Custom Objects

The following video demonstrates how to load custom objects in Advanced Array Tool.


The following videos demonstrate how to convert the instances into single/multiple meshes. Use this before exporting.

Converting the Instances Into Separate Meshes:

Converting the Instances Into a Single Mesh:

Please note that when converting the instances into a single mesh, it may impact shading in certain cases, such as when using generated texture coordinates.

Version History

v1.5 (r2)

  • Added example scene compatible with Blender 4.0+


  • Added "UV Array" to "Instance on Object"

  • Added a new mode to "Align to Object's Nearest Normals"

  • Added count variation to "Row Settings"

  • Added 3 new examples

  • Bug fixes, corrections and small improvements


  • Added a new mode for "Drop to Ground": Curve binormal direction

  • Improved "Align Curve Tilt"

  • Added 3 new examples

  • Bug fixes and small improvements

  • AAT now comes with a new separate bonus tool: Deform Along Curve!


  • Added "Align Curve Tilt" option to "Instance Along Curve"

  • Added "Respect 'Drop to Ground'" to "Look at Object & Repel"

  • "Proximity Mode" in "Object Delete" now supports curves

  • Added more settings to the Noise Effector (Color Ramp)

  • Added "Use Noise Effector" to "Distribute on Faces" in "Instance on Object"

  • You can now use "Texture Mask" as Density Factor in "Instance on Object"

  • Added "Dup. Variation" to "Duplication Settings" in "Instance on Object"

  • Improved "Duplication Settings" in "Instance on Object"

  • Added 9 new examples

  • New bonus model: Low Poly Grass

  • Interface improvements

  • Bug fixes & corrections


  • Added "Z-Normal Distribution" to "Instance on Object"

  • Added "Quick Z Rotation" to "Instance Along Curve"

  • Fixed "Alignment Strength" in "Instance on Object"

  • Added 3 new examples

  • New bonus model: Shadow Silhouette

  • Other small fixes


  • Important categories are now color coded, significantly improving the user experience!

  • Added a new feature: "Rarity Settings" allowing you to control the rarity or frequency of specific instances

  • Added "Rotation Pitch Control" (submenu) for "Instance Along Curve"

  • Added "Use Grid Array" option to "Instance Along Curve"

  • The "Use Curve" mode now has the option to position and align the instances with the ground in "Instance on Object"

  • Added 16 new examples

  • Other small additions & improvements

  • Bug fixes & polishing


  • Initial Release

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