72 P.B.R Planets Bundle - 8K-16K Textures

by Northlogic in Surfacing

A bundle containing 72 planets. The sphere of the planet is unwrapped, and has visible texture seams in both poles. There are two unwrapped identical models laid on top of these areas on both poles, and textures are provided to give idea of frozen polar caps. The pole model is unwrapped and any other texture can be applied to it. There is also a cloud layer covering the entire planet, and two identical cloud layers on top of the poles. All of the mentioned features are provided as a single FBX file. The project file contains 2 additional cloud layers.

- Texture resolution: 16384 x 16384 for planet surfaces, 16384 x 8192 for clouds
- For the extra planets: 8192 x 8192 for planet surfaces, 8192 x 4096 for clouds
- 3DS Max 2020/V-Ray 5 project file included
- Blender project file included
- Substance (SPPR) materials for all planets included

The model for each planet consists of about 300 000 polygons, and contains the following elements

  • Planet
  • Meshes for poles
  • Global clouds
  • Polar clouds

The planet surface, the polar caps and the clouds include following maps:

  • Albedo
  • Gloss
  • Roughness
  • Normals
  • Displacement
  • Bump
  • AO

To save space, only one of the products "Frozen Planet 4" contains the the textures needed for the poles and clouds, since Frozen Planet 4's surface texture is the same one that is used on the poles.

Planet list:

Barren Planets
- pbr_barren_planet
- pbr_barren_planet2
- pbr_barren_planet3
- pbr_barren_planet4
- pbr_barren_planet5
- pbr_barren_planet6
- pbr_barren_planet7
- pbr_barren_planet8
- pbr_barren_planet10

Crystal Planets
- pbr_crystal_planet
- pbr_crystal_planet2
- pbr_crystal_planet3
- pbr_crystal_planet4
- pbr_crystal_planet5
- pbr_crystal_planet6
- pbr_crystal_planet7

Dark Planets
- pbr_dark_planet
- pbr_dark_planet2
- pbr_dark_planet3
- pbr_dark_planet4

Frozen Planets
- pbr_frozen_planet
- pbr_frozen_planet2
- pbr_frozen_planet3
- pbr_frozen_planet4
- pbr_frozen_planet6
- pbr_frozen_planet7

Liquid Planets
- pbr_liquid_planet
- pbr_liquid_planet2
- pbr_liquid_planet3
- pbr_liquid_planet4
- pbr_liquid_planet5

Tundra Planets
- pbr_tundra_planet
- pbr_tundra_planet2
- pbr_tundra_planet3

Wasteland Planets
- pbr_wasteland_planet
- pbr_wasteland_planet2
- pbr_wasteland_planet3
- pbr_wasteland_planet4
- pbr_wasteland_planet5
- pbr_wasteland_planet6
- pbr_wasteland_planet7

Various Planets
- pbr_desolated_planet
- pbr_forest_planet
- pbr_industrial_planet
- pbr_wetlands_planet
- pbr_wetlands_planet2
- pbr_white_desert_planet

Also includes extra collection of 15 8K planets.

Planet surface textures were created by blending satellite images. Cloud layers are based on a slightly modified texture. These resources were provided by NASA.

Published 10 months ago
Blender Version 3.6
Render Engine Used Cycles
License Royalty Free
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