3D_Monkeyx Procedural Shader Pack Vol 1

by 3dmonkeyx in Surfacing

3d_monkeyx shader pack vol 1

This shader pack includes a collection of 110 shaders categorized into 10 different groups, offering you full customization options for each shader.

If you wish to purchase a specific catalog of shaders, click here. 

Render Engine

This shader pack work on both EEVEE and Cycles render engine.

Customization Option
You can customize shaders by adjusting parameters such as color, roughness, metallic, scale, bump, and more, giving you the freedom to create a diverse range of materials and achieve the desired look in your 3D scenes

  1. Anti-Slip Metal Sheet
  2. Block paving
  3. Fabric
  4. Metal 
  5. Prorated Metal Sheet
  6. Stain Wood
  7. Tactile paving
  8. Tartan fabric
  9. Tile
  10. Wooden Floor

How to use ?

You can append the material from the downloaded .blend file or you can also copy the .blend file to your asset library folder to add it to your asset library. 
 >  Check Documentation for Step-by-step guide.

If you wish to purchase a specific catalog of shaders, click here.

You are allowed to use these material for both commercial and personal use, but you cannot resell, repackage, or redistribute them.

  • Blend file with 110 shader
  • Zip file contain a blend file, thumbnail images, catalog file
  • PDF file with step-by-step guide