25 Professional Titles For Blender (With Free Demo)

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25 Professional Titles for blender 
The best title pack available for blender right now

  • 25 Professional Titles
  • Supports Cycles, Eevee and blender internal
  • Drag and edit text
  • Support for lower thirds
  • 1 CC0 music
  • 4 Fonts 
  • 4K Background image
  • 4K Particle Animation
  • 16 sound effects
  • PDF / Video Training Tutorial

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When I was freelancing, I realized that the client used to ask me to look for the music track, voice-over and sound-effects. This is in addition to the animation. 

Each client expected a “package” of services, which minimized their efforts.

They do not want to contact each person separately, They usually go to the person where they can get all of the services at one place.

This makes sense, When you go to McDonald's, you expect them to serve a combo. Imagine buying Burger, Coke and Fries at different restaurants. 

Before supermarkets like Walmart existed, people used to roam several mom and pop stores to get groceries. This was inconvenient for most people.

Gabe Newell had said that the person who provides the best service wins. The reason piracy was popular because piracy used to provide better services than the media companies.

The same is happening in the realm of digital products. The Title packs in After-effects / Premiere Pro only provides the titles. A person is then supposed to figure out the rest of the puzzle to earn money. 

If it is to be used as a intro, a person would certainly need a background image and sound effects as well.

The one thing I learned in business is that a person is only going to pay you, if the finished product helps him earn money too. He should feel that he is getting a fair deal. If not money, it should help him earn something like fame. Basically, anything that makes him confident, peaceful and satisfied.

So, I introduce you 25 Professional titles for blender. Unlike many product businesses, I intend to provide better service, so that in the future you may use this to earn money, fame, etc.

The best Professional title pack available for blender:

This product contains 25 unique fined—tuned animations for your project. Each title is in a separate scene. Each animation last 6 seconds. It can be used as lower-thirds too. (More on that below) 

Whether you are a beginner or a pro. It has something for everyone. Be it corporate using it for presentations or beginner using it for youtube videos.

As I am a freelancer, this is the product that would be beneficial for me the most. 

Easy Drag and Edit process:

The animated objects only contains specific keyframes (right down to the axis). So a text object moving left to right (x axis location) will not have a rotation, scale keyframe. It will also not have a y and z axis location keyframe.

So if your objects is too large or too small. You can scale and re-arrange it as necessary. The animation will follow suit. A person with absolutely no experience of blender can do this if he followed the PDF tutorial.

720p, 1080p, 4K support:

You can render this upto 4K. The required background images and particle animations for each resolution is bundled in the product. The instructions on how to do it are clearly given in the PDF and Video training tutorial. 

If you have the knowledge of resizing an image and animation. You can render it in any custom resolution you want. The possibilities are endless.

Drag and zoom camera for added control:

Are you not satisfied with the camera position? Want to zoom in and zoom out the camera? No problem! The camera itself doesn't have a keyframe. The background image and particle animation will adjust itself according to the camera. Position it however you want. 

You can even animate the camera if you want. 

Additional Lower-Thirds camera:

You have seen those documentaries where the person is talking and his information is shown at the lower thirds of the screen. That's called Lower thirds. To provide information at the lower third of the scene.

There is a lower-thirds camera in every scene. If you want to use the title as lower-thirds, simply switch to the second camera. The second camera doesn't have a keyframe too, experiment if you are not satisfied with the size. People actually buy a different lower third pack in other softwares.

You will also need to make the background transparent to make it work, which brings me to...

Extensive Text/Video Documentation: 

Are you not familiar with blender? Do you need a step-by-step explanation on how to use the product? I got you covered. This section is made of two parts.

1. 20 Minute Video training (1080p) tutorial:

Here, I'll teach you on how to use the product. There are subtitles available for the video. Each step is clearly explained and things like changing length of animation to making background transparent are covered.

This video tutorial is also publicly available on my youtube channel. Check it out if you have any questions. I have made sure that the tutorial is easy to understand and entertaining to watch.

2. Step-by-step PDF training Tutorial:

Do you just want to learn a small thing but don't want to watch a 20 minute video for it? I understand. Attention spans has reduced in the age of the internet.

This 19 paged PDF tutorial contains all the things that are available in the video tutorial. There are image screenshots of each steps for extra clarity.

Limitless customization (Length of animation, color etc.)

Want to change the length of the animation? Want to change the color of the ribbons?  

All of that is explained in the training tutorial. I assure you that there is no title pack in blender which teaches you to do this and allows you this kind of freedom.

No Add-ons required:

You don't have to install anything additional. You can start right away after downloading the product. Each title is in a different scene, so you can import any title you want.

Blender is all you need, no additional software required. Compatible with recent blender version. (It was tested with Blender 2.70 too, but I recommend B3D 2.78 or 2.79). Update: Eevee version added, now supports Blender 2.8.

Low System requirements:

It hardly takes 160MB RAM while rendering (in 1080p). It doesn't matter the type of PC you got (Whether a laptop or a desktop). It doesn't matter whether you are in the office or on the go.

If it can run blender, it can run this product.

5% of every sale goes to support blender:

Due to the fantastic feature of contributing to the blender fund. 5% of every sale goes to the blender fund. A fantastic opportunity to give back to the blender organization and help them improve the product.

Quick Support:

If you have any question whatsoever, or encounter any problem. Do contact me by the support inbox or at my email jugaadanimation@gmail.com

Ultra-Fast rendering:

The particle animation is already rendered. The background image is added while compositing. This means only the text and the ribbons need to get rendered. This results in Superfast rendering on CPU and Ultrafast rendering on Nvidia GPU (Instructions for GPU given in the training tutorial)

Multi-platform support (Mac OS, Linux, Windows)

It works for Mac OS and linux too. Unlike After-Effects or Premiere-pro, Blender has native support for Linux. In fact, Rendering is faster on Linux than on Windows. This product itself was made on ubuntu. 

Beautiful 4K Particle Animation (aka the key to the professional look):

In Filmmaking, Foreground, middle-ground and background are key to a professional look. The foreground should overlap with the background to create depth. This is well explained in my storyboarding infographic blogpost.

This particle animation was added to add depth in the scene. The particle animation lasts 10 seconds and is rendered in 4K. So consider this future proof. No title pack on the market right now ever provides things like this.

One of the main things in animation is that there should always be some kind of motion. Otherwise it appears as a still image. Particle animation helps us achieve that. 

4K Background image for titles:

The background image is licensed CC0, so you can use it for commercial and non-commercial purposes. Like the particle animation, it too has a resolution of 4K.

You can add you own background image too if you want. Just follow the tutorial.

16 Sound Effects for the final touch:

Here's a random question. Look at this gif and see if you feel like you can hear it.

This is because whenever objects collide in front of us, our brain expects some kind of feedback from all senses. It is doesn't get one, it kind of makes up its own.

This is where sound-effects thrive. Whenever we get the feedback we expected, we become satisfied. I have laid out unique sound effects in the respective titles. You can change them between these wide variety of sound effects. They are licensed CC0.

Background music track (Same as trailer):

Most people only look at the technical aspects while creating an animation. Emotional aspects matter too, especially in this day and age. People in general are more emotional then rational. 

Music has the quality of evoking emotions. Watch your favorite music video on mute and see the difference it makes. This music track is also licensed CC0, big shout-out to wowa.me .

Simple Explanation of nodes (Material and compositing):

In compositing and material nodes, wherever possible, I have given an explanation on how to achieve the effect. These nodes are color coded and well organized.

Consider this as a mini tutorial. For beginners, they can learn how basic things like hiding text and mixing layers were achieved.

4 Free Fonts:

These fonts are available under Apache license and SIL OpenFont license. I can bundle them in this pack as long as I add the license copy in the pack and tell you that they are available for free on their respective websites.

Having a wide variety of fonts is always beneficial to a freelancer. Try to mix these fonts between the title and subtitle text. You will get some amazing results.

In conclusion:

I have tried everything to ease the process of animation. I also had to make sure that maximum freedom is allocated to the user. This is the product I wish I had when starting.

I hope it helps you the same way it would have helped me.

Thanking you, 
-Vikrant Jadhav
Blender Renaissance

Update log:
1.0 - Original product release
1.1 - Blender internal version added. 3 seconds per frame render time! Instructions in the zip file. 

1.2 - Eevee Version added. 1-3 seconds per frame render time. Check out the new zip file.

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Blender Version 2.79, 2.8, 2.81, 2.82, 2.83, 2.9, 2.91, 2.92, 2.93
License Royalty Free
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