1200+ Seamless 4K Pbr Materials

by 3D Textures in Surfacing

The official textures from 3DTextures website.

If you're a Patron you already have access to all these textures and Substance Designer files.

Note: Some of the Asset Browser libraries are HUGE, namely the Fabric (9GB), the Metal (15GB) and the Wood (9GB) ones. You'll need a beefy computer to load them all at once. It's better to append a few materials from these libraries. Since these materials are texture based you'll need proper UV unwrapped meshes and with enough geometry for the displacement to work properly. If you have any doubts or questions don't hesitate to contact me, I'll be glad to help as much as I can.


07/March/2023 - Misc and Organic Animal/Vegetable Libraries added to the Asset Browser.

17/March/2023 - Paper and Cardboard, Pebbles, Plaster, Plastic, Quartz and Rocks Libraries added to the Asset Browser.

31/March/2023 - Roof tiles, Sand, Sandstone and Sci-fi libraries added to the Asset Browser.

Introducing the 1200+ Seamless 4K PBR Materials pack, a comprehensive collection of high-quality materials designed to take your 3D creations to the next level. Created by 3DTextures.me, this pack is now available on BlenderMarket.

Featuring over 1200 seamless 4K PBR textures, this pack includes a wide range of materials such as concrete, metal, fabric, wood, stone, and more. These textures are available for free on the 3dtextures website but only at 1K resolution. By purchasing this pack, you will receive all textures at a resolution of 4K, which offers greater detail and realism in your projects.

All of the textures are in PNG format so your normal and height/displacement maps will not present any banding or artifacts.

Most of the textures in this pack come with an SBSAR file, which allows you to customize the textures to your liking and create endless variations of each material. The textures are carefully crafted to be user-friendly, making it easy for creators of all skill levels to incorporate them into their projects.

What is an SBSAR file?

By purchasing this pack, you not only get access to these amazing textures but also support the 3dtextures website and the creation of even more textures in the future. The funds raised from the pack will be used to maintain the website and fund ongoing research and development of new textures. Additionally, 10% of the value of this pack will be donated to the Blender Development Fund, supporting the development of Blender software.

A blend file containing all of the textures and set up in Blender asset browser will be available in the near future, streamlining the texture integration process even further.

If you're looking to enhance the realism and quality of your 3D creations, the 1200+ Seamless 4K PBR Material pack is an essential addition to your toolkit. Purchase it now on BlenderMarket and support the creation of even more incredible textures while contributing to the Blender Development Fund.

List of material categories:

  • Abstract - 19

  • Alpha Brushes - 1
  • Asphalt - 6

  • Brick Wall - 21

  • Ceiling - 7

  • Concrete - 46

  • Dirt - 10

  • Fabric - 150

  • Flooring - 22

  • Food - 5

  • Gems - 16

  • Glass Related - 12

  • Granite - 3

  • Ground - 25

  • Lava - 6

  • Leather - 24

  • Marble - 17

  • Metal - 237

  • Misc. - 34

  • Organic Animal - 30

  • Organic Vegetable - 23

  • Paper and Cardboard - 6

  • Pebbles - 32

  • Plaster - 4

  • Plastic - 13

  • Quartz - 3

  • Rocks - 46

  • Roof Tiles - 19

  • Sand - 7

  • Sandstone - 3

  • Sci-fi - 39

In the next update the following materials will have been setup in Blender Asset Browser also.

  • Snow - 4
  • Stone Floor - 17
  • Stone Wall - 23
  • Stylized - 48
  • Surface Imperfections - 8
  • Tiles - 78
  • Wall - 14
  • Wallpaper - 6
  • Water and Ice - 7
  • Wood - 134

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