1000 Gobos | Light & Shadow Textures | Volumetric Lighting

by gen.mock in Surfacing

Library of 1000 projected textures to add lifelike shadows to your scenes!

What is a gobo?

A texture that gets projected onto a scene with the help of a light source. 

Why use gobos?

Add visual complexity to your scene without having to burden your system with memory consuming items.

How to use gobos?

Easy! Simply add them to the Asset Browser, then click an drag them to the scene. Control every aspect of the gobos!


Spectacular collection of assets from the following categories: Abstract, Airplanes, Auroras, Balloon, Birds, Bokeh, Broken glass, Caustics, Clouds, Doors, Dreamcatcher, Drone, Feather, Fences, Fire, Grass, Houseplants, Jellyfish, Leaves, Light painting, Lightning, Mesh, Miscellaneous, Moon, Pineapple, Plasma ball, Pyrotechnics, Rain, Skyline, Smoke, Stars, Trees, Water drops, Waterfall, Windows
All Blender versions - The textures have the .jpg format and work with all Blender versions
Texture projectors are already set up for each of the 1000 gobos and are ready to use, complete with node setups
Fully customizable - you can individually customize each texture/spot by modifying its location, rotation, scale, color, light intensity, spot size, softness, etc.
Volumetric light ray effect - using the right setup, light rays can become visible and create an eerie atmosphere! Create a cube and apply the settings you see in the first GIF.
Animate the textures yourself by easily modifying spot parameters
Asset Browser - already marked as assets, simply drag and drop into the scene - the Asset Browser part only works for Blender 3.0 and up
Cycles - renders only in Cycles (Viewport Shading - Rendered)

Save resources, save time!


Asset Browser View - 1000 GOBOS

Volumetric lighting setup

Node setup included

Pick a color

Change light power

Adjust shadow blur

Change the spot size


Rotate the texture

Create patterns

The .zip archive consists of:

- 1000 .jpg texture files
- .blend files (1000 texture projectors with node setups)
- license information

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Blender Version 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6
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