100 Greeble Set One

by Michael Thomas in Models

This 100 Greeble Set contains a total of 100 premade, individual and detailed greeble assets, to help you add intricate details quickly to your scenes and models.

What do I use Greebles for?

Greebles are for adding complexity and detail to larger objects or in scenes to make it more interesting the the views eye and break flat boring surfaces.

How do I use them?

Placing Greebles all over an object in strategic ways helps make a model appear more complex and break up plain surfaces and uninteresting  geometry.

The easiest way to use this is through the Asset Browser in Blender, making it simple to drag and drop onto a model or into a scene.  You can place them manually, as particles or mix them to create unique sets. 
Many of these include place for you to connect cables, use with an array modifier.

These can be used as small detail or as the base for a larger model that you then add smaller Greebles to, the only limit is your imagination..

This set in combination with my Second 100 Greeble set or 20 Landing Gear set can help you build and detail your creations faster and with great detail.

Sales 90+
Published over 2 years ago
Blender Version 2.9, 2.91, 2.92, 2.93, 3.0, 3.1
Render Engine Used Blender-Internal, Blender-Game-Engine, Cycles, Eevee
Misc Data Uvs-Unwrapped, Normal-Mapped, Textured
License Creative Commons
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