Meet the Maker: Troy Bowen, Creator of Simple Scatter

Simple Scatter is a geometry nodes setup to help distribute items across a mesh. It was created as an alternative to higher priced scatter systems that may have more features than the average person might need or know what to do with. It also is built to be modified. Its a geometry nodes system so people can easily do whatever they want to modify or change it after purchasing. 

What inspired you to create this product? What problem were you trying to solve?

I have been working on some environmental pieces and needed a system to help scatter items across a mesh. I knew there were other add-ons, but they were fairly expensive or they were programmed outside of Blender so if something needed tweaking I couldn't access it, since I'm not very proficient with coding. So, Simple Scatter was born as a geometry nodes system open to edit, change, improve, and keep the back end open for users with nodes experience to use as a starting point and build it into what they need.

How long did the initial development take and how many people were involved? Did you hit any snags? Feel like giving up? Find any exciting enhancements along the way?

Initial development was quick, since I already had a basic version I had built earlier. However, it took a decent amount of work to fix issues and a whole bunch of iterations to add what other scatter systems were offering before it felt like it was ready. Inevitably though, I would launch the product and be proud of my latest release and then start working on a project only to find that some aspect of it wasn't working as intended. So I'd have to stop my project, research the problem, edit the nodes setup, and then update the documentation, files, descriptions, bug logs, etc... All just to try and have an honest product without bugs that I felt was worth the price.

How much time do you spend on support and updates on average each day now that the product is available on Blender Market?

Now that it's up and running the workload has lessened. However, every Blender update requires a lot of work to make sure every option within the setup is compatible with the new Blender release. Also, any features that I feel need to be added or updated usually involve a new test project to make sure the newest feature or update isn't breaking any other aspects of the nodes setup. Every update needs new sample images, new UI images. My product is listed in multiple places, so each place needs to have the description, files, images, etc... updated. Slight updates can involve a substantial amount of work.

Do you have another job/responsibilities outside of your work on Blender Market? How do you balance supporting and updating your product as part of your daily life?

I work full time and so when I'm editing the nodes system I am usually taking time away from my family, friends, and hobbies, to maintain the integrity of what I've made.

What is your favorite response you've gotten from a customer who used your product?

Unfortunately, none. I have not made very many sales and the people who have purchased it haven't returned to review, or leave any comments. I hope it's doing what they need!

👆Hey reader, if you check out Simple Scatter be sure to head over to the product page and leave a rating and review.  Its super helpful for our community.  Thanks!  🧡 🐝