Meet the Maker: Mark Kingsworth, Creator of Perspective Plotter and much more!

There have been a number of add-ons from Mark over the years: Camera Matching in Perspective Plotter, Object wrapping with Conform Object and Mesh Materializer, and Sci Fi effects like the Nebula Generator, Starship Generator and the Plating Generator.

What inspired you to create these products? What problems were you trying to solve?

For Perspective Plotter, I wanted to make a more interactive camera matching experience without people having to leave Blender. Blender's Programming API allowed me to write an integrated tool that, once installed, felt part of Blender's workflow.

Conform Object and Mesh Materializer solved a problem often encountered whilst modeling: wrapping objects onto others. Conform Object 'projects' an object onto the surface of another, and Mesh Materializer maps objects onto others just like a material. In both instances, the add-ons are designed to speed up this process, making Blender do the heavy lifting for you.

The 'Generators' come from an obsession with Sci Fi that others seem to share, and that Blender has definitely has allowed me to explore.

Nebula Generator

How long did the initial development take and how many people were involved? Did you hit any snags? Feel like giving up? Find any exciting enhancements along the way?

Whilst the initial development is my own which can take a few months, it is only about 50% of what is needed: the rest is testing, documentation, videos and actually letting others know about the tool.

For this other 50%, I rely heavily on the user community and the network of affiliates that Blender Market helps me manage.

Many users reach out with bug reports, suggestions, and completely new ideas I had not even thought of. As well as 3D modellers and concept artists, over the years Manufacturers, Universities, and Medical Institutions have reached out to me. It's been amazing to help out others in this way.

For marketing, videos are the most painstaking part of the process as I am definitely not a fan of my own voice, nor am I a YouTube influencer! Blender Market, my affiliates, and BlenderNation are invaluable in getting the word out as they are able to showcase the add-ons far more effectively.

How much time do you spend on support and updates on average each day now that the product is available on Blender Market?

I spend a great deal of time testing new add-ons or features before anything new is actually released: This helps keep down ongoing support overheads so the days are mostly manageable. Some weeks are busier than others, but the main thing I try to do is respond quickly to any issues or questions, which not only keep others happy but also help if they choose to leave a good review.

Do you have another job/responsibilities outside of your work on Blender Market? How do you balance supporting and updating your product as part of your daily life?

I used to! I was a very busy Senior Software Engineer at a large organization.  At the end of every day, I would get in my car and check my phone for any support requests, developing my add-ons in the late evenings and early mornings. As my add-ons gained popularity, I decided to reduce my hours at my job. After the Covid outbreak, I took the big decision to leave and focus on Blender work exclusively. That was 2 years ago. I haven't looked back.

Conform Object

What is your favorite response you've gotten from a customer who used your product?

One of the big motivators for me deciding to leave my old work life was the overwhelmingly positivity of Blender's community. This makes it very hard to pick one response. Having said all that, it is always a pleasure when someone reaches out to say thank you for the time I've spent helping, which I am always happy to do.

What's next for you? Any exciting projects on the horizon?

As a case in point, many Perspective Plotter users have reached out with ideas for different ways to camera match, something I will be working on in the coming months. I am also hoping to find opportunities to use Unreal Engine, but I am yet to find the perfect project. (Ideas are welcome)!  I continue to be a passionate 3D modeler myself, spending too many hours on it, but this does keep new ideas coming.