Meet the Maker: Hubert, Creator of Ultra-Realistic Buildings and Environment Elements

Hubert creates primarily 2 types of projects. Buildings, and set dressing (props) for environments.  You can see them all in his shop.

Here's how he describes them:

As a 3d artist, i know how frustrating it is to not be able to just execute the vision but be held back by having to model and nit-pick elements. This just holds back the art, where the focus should be. For instance, look at my Favelas pack, it is highly detailed with the relevant buildings, but then lifted by the appropriate scene detail as well. Links to these 2 packs below for your reference:

I strive to help artists make their built-environments look realistic, and therefore the packs that i sell have to be representative of the real world. For instance, a building is not a fully developed 3d building unless it conforms to the real world in it having mechanical and electrical elements, waste removal, water services, gas, piping, ducting, communications technology etc. A lot has gone into making sure that i represent the real world so that the artist can focus on the art.

What inspired you to create these products? What problem were you trying to solve?

The inspiration here is twofold: First, I am a qualified industrial designer, with additional structural, civil and architectural qualifications behind me, this has given me a passion, specifically for the "built environment" and it's representation at accurate scale.

Secondly, The problem i was trying to solve is that many 3D buildings do not represent the real world well, falling short of obvious real life, physical elements. This could be a lack of photographic reference, designing in a bubble essentially, or a lack of understanding of the real world environment, whichever it is, it is a problem that I hope to solve

How long did the initial development take and how many people were involved? Did you hit any snags? Feel like giving up? Find any exciting enhancements along the way?

The initial development for digital set dressing was around 2 weeks of planning, then about a month of shooting, scanning and processing 3d models, followed by another month of creating content marketing such as render, videos, a youtube explainer, social media posts and SEO content. Double checking keyword hit rates and conversion rates, as well as market research. 

How much time do you spend on support and updates on average each day now that the product is available on Blender Market?

I set out specific times, about a 4-5 hour slot every weekend where I will support an existing pack, that support may be in the form of adding 3d kit to extend that pack, adding more content marketing, and answering any pre-sales questions that may have come up.

Support is INCREDIBLY important, and if you value sales, no 3d artist can take a "fire-and-forget" approach to selling 3d online. The second you upload a kit, asset or product, you commit to after sales support for as long as the product is online. 

Do you have another job/responsibilities outside of your work on Blender Market?

I have a very demanding day job in the design field, leaving the house at 5:20 am and getting home just before 7pm, as well as balancing family life,.

How do you balance supporting and updating your product as part of your daily life?

I have had to learn how to pace myself, book time slots for 3d and when i have a time slot, go into it with an exact plan and goal or achievement, stay highly focused and maximize the limited available time. I used Clockify to track all my 3d time, to gain the most information into my own processes from referencing, sketching, all the way through to uploading. 

What is your favorite response you've gotten from a customer who used your product?

"This literally changed my life" - I think I should have framed that one. It was very rewarding to receive.

What's next for you? Any exciting projects on the horizon?

Yes I do, more importantly, I have pack extensions in the process for the already "live" projects, this will be free for the already owners and will be a good way to support and build the existing offering.

As far as new projects go, I don't want to say too much before publishing because "competitive advantage" - however, it will be a great addition to many scenes, will still be within the built environment sector, but a little more niche and focused than my other content. Time will tell how this converts to sales, let's hope for the best! 

All the best to you, Hubert.  Thanks for all your hard work!