May Day Sale Recap

Thanks to everyone who participated in our May Day Sale May 1 (International Worker's Day) through May 5.  Whether you got a great deal, offered a stellar product, participated in our interviews or read the blog celebrating our creators, we salute you!  

Our focus during this sale was to shine some light on our creators who work long, hard hours often combined with other day jobs and family life to bring some of the best products to the market.  Many of them began solving challenges in their own work with Blender and found great value in sharing those solutions with the greater community.  Many are up late into the night working on updates and some are sitting in their cars in the parking lot of their office answering your emails before their drive home.  Some have even taken the leap to make a living with their work.  Blender Market Creators, we salute you 🫡.

If you haven't had a chance to read our Meet the Maker Series,  please do check out those articles to meet some of the hardest working Blenderheads around.

It is our honor to host all the Blender Market products and seasonal site-wide sales.  During this sale we saw a gross merchandise value of $512,077.45 in just the 5 days included in the sale.  We services 9,390 unique customers to complete 14,028 orders for a total of 24,288 product sales.  There were 3,120 unique products sold, meaning many of those orders included popular products that saw a lot of sales during these 5 days.  For more information on which products are the most popular on a given week, you can check the main Blender Market page for the Popular Items section.  

Thanks again for being part of the Blender Market Community.  We appreciate and celebrate every one of you.  🧡 🐝

Here is the full report for Blender Market sales data May 1-5:

  • Gross Merchandise Value: $512,077.45
  • Unique customers: 9,390
  • Total refunds: $1,943.7
  • Unique products sold: 3,120
  • Total products sold: 24,288
  • Total orders: 14,028
  • Creator earnings: $407,319.04
  • Total creators paid: 1,058
  • Affiliate earnings: $24,235.15
  • Total referrals: 5,311
  • Total affiliates: 82
  • Dev Fund donations: $7,312.33