For the Love of Blender Sale Recap

This February we dedicated a sale to the software that we all know and love with the 💕 For the Love of Blender Sale 💕 

During the 5 days of the sale, February 13- 17, that love was spread across 8,494 unique customers who purchased 20,541 products at 25% off from 968 unique creators of Blender products.  7,161 orders focused on 2,646 products, so there are definitely some favorites that are landing in people's baskets. 

If you want to see what is selling the most, you can check out the "Popular Items This Week" section on our front page.  This section is updated in real time to reflect the products that are selling the most in the past 7 days.  It can be tough to reach that list, so we added a new section to the front page called, "Discover Hidden Gems."  This section highlights up and coming products that are just getting started.  Want more gems?  This is a local view that will update each time you refresh the browser to reveal a new slew of goodies for you.
Last week the Blender Foundation announced a new release schedule and a planned release of Blender 4.0 in late November of this year.  The 5 days of the For the Love of Blender Sale also tallied up $7,314.13 that was donated by creators of the products you purchased to the Blender Development Fund to keep Blender healthy and growing.  💙

Here are the rest of the results of the For the love of Blender Sale
  • Gross Merchandise Value $466,475.67
  • Total refunds $2,113.27
  • Total creator earnings $372,338.21
  • Total affiliate earnings $22,257.82
  • Total affiliate referrals 4,389
  • Total affiliates with 1+ referral 75