Beginners Series: Creating your first Blender product bundle

Offer your customers more bang for their buck and sell more product - how?

By utilizing product bundles.

You can bundle existing products by creating the bundle as a brand new product listing. If you want to bundle new products that you are now uploading, that's possible too.

Let's get started!

What are product bundles?

Product bundles are products that are related or often used together. To bundle the products, they are sold together at a discount.

A well put together bundle entices customers to purchase more items and gives them a better value.

The goal, of course, is to give your customer useful products they will love and use - because a satisfied customer means a happy customer that loves to return and recommend your product to others.

Hard Surface Kitbash Pack ($38) is a bundle of 3 products, discounted by 17%

How should you create a product bundle?

The best bundles are made up of multiple products that are related in some way, or enhance each other.

If you usually use certain tools together, it makes sense to offer them as a bundle.

The number of products in your bundle depends on what type of Blender asset or tool you are selling.

If you make models of interior furniture, create a bundle of 6-12 different products, like couches or chairs.

Ultimate Animators Bundle ($79.98) is a bundle of 5 animation products, discounted by over 20%

If you are selling modeling add-ons, bundling 3 different add-ons will be enough to offer as a bundle.

If you're feeling creative, why not upload this year's Nodevember exercises as a Nodevember Bundle?

As you can see, bundles can come in all sizes and shapes, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different variations and combinations of product bundles. 

How much should you discount your bundled products?

Successful bundles are helpful and affordable, with the average discounts raging from 10% to 30%.

Discounts smaller than 10% may not be enough to swing your customer to buy more than a single product. 

free to discount your bundle however you see fit. Once you have your product bundle put together and ready for uploading, the process is pretty much the same for any product you’ve uploaded to the Blender Market before.

Cinepack ($22) is a bundle of 2 products discounted by 22%. 

Time to create your bundle!

First, upload your product the usual way and upload the bundle to that product listing.

If you’ve uploaded your products to the site already, just copy and paste your product descriptions into your new bundle's product listing and then make changes from there. Continue following the new product upload process until your bundle has been submitted for review.Unsure how to upload a product? This support article will walk you through it.

Advertise your new bundle product

We’re not talking about Don Draper level stuff here. Hop on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Discord and other channels you frequent with other Blender users and tell them about your new bundle.

Also, don’t be afraid of using Blender Market's affiliate system to get even more eyes on your new bundle. 

Final Thoughts

Selling bundles can be another avenue for generating sales on the Blender Market.

While they take a little more time and energy to create they should not be overlooked in your selling strategy. 

Need more inspiration? Browse some of the best-rated bundles on Blender Market to see how other creators are bundling their products.