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Terrain Addon, True-TerrainEnvironment creation in Blender just levelled up! Best terrain addon for Blender. ContactTrue-TerrainTrue-Terrain 4.xThe #1 Terrain tool for Blender...Terrain CreationScatter SystemsWater CreationThe tool of choice for professional artists. Designed from the ground up to make sure that EVERY artist can create the scenes they need.Use code TVFXCONTEST for 50% off all our tools. Only valid until the 21st of June 2023Due to continued issues with coupon codes not working for users, we have removed the code and applied the flat 50% rate to the price. The price of this tool will be increased to original on the 21st of June 2023A Complete Terrain Creation SuiteQuickly make entire worlds in one toolCreate TerrainChoose from Blender's built-in A.N.T. system with our provided heightmaps or paired with NodeScapes to create amazing terrainsAdd MaterialsExplore up to 165 seamless terrain textures to produce realistic landscapesAdd SnowUsing True-Terrain, create incredibly realistic artic scenes. Our  shader and mapping system is guaranteed to create remarkably photorealistic snow to compliment any winter landscapeScatter AssetsScatter nature across your terrain in a single click. Then modify their position with our advanced scatter system165Materials300+Assets14Heightmaps4Types of WaterWhat is True-TerrainTrue-Terrain is the only world building tool for Blender‍True-Terrain offers artists, professionals and hobbyists a complete suite for creating amazing worlds! Water CreationThe most realistic water available in blender. Period. Our unique water shaders have been painstakingly created from the ground up to simulate not only what water would look like from the surface, but also from beneath. From caustics to foam to light penetration and density, you will be amazed by what our water system will achieve.True-Terrain comes with 4 different* water types in total.Asset scatter systemOnly the best for our users! We've got a fully integrated scattering system, complete with tonnes of assets to scatter including: Rocks, Trees and GrassWhy? Because True-Terrain is so you can build your worlds, and not miss out!Realtime BlendingUsing our vast library of textures, blend any of them with our advanced shader system to create realistic and unique terrainsTerrain CreationUse the built-in functions to generate to import heightmaps or generate terrains using the A.N.T system. We also recommend leveraging the power of NodeScapes which uses Nodes for power users out there!Scatter HighlightsHere's a few of the scatter functions built into True-Terrain! Don't worry, there are more than this, we just don't want to throw 18 different gifs in your faceDraw to remove or add with the 'Path tool'Make your scenes more realistic with 'Scatter Around'Make your meadows pretty with our 'Simple Wind' modifierUse code TVFXCONTEST for 50% off all our tools. Only valid until the 21st of June 2023Due to continued issues with coupon codes not working for users, we have removed the code and applied the flat 50% rate to the price. The price of this tool will be increased to original on the 21st of June 2023Tier ComparisonLiteProUltimateTerrain Materials4586165Water Shaders23*4Procedural Terrain Shaders366Rocks5 Types20+ Unique Models11 Types50+ Unique Models15 Types100+ Unique Models*Trees4 Species8 Unique Tree Models5 Species25+ Unique Tree Models*5 Species60+ Unique Tree Models*Grass588+System RequirementsThese are a guidelineMinimumRecommended64-bit quad core CPU64-bit eight core CPU8 GB RAM32 GB RAM1920 x 1080 Display2560 x 1440 DisplayMouse, Trackpad or Pen+TabletMouse, Trackpad or Pen+TabletGPU with 2 GB VRAM, OpenGL 4.3GPU with 8 GB VRAM or moreWindows, MacOS, LinuxWindows 10+, MacOSX, Ubuntu 19+FAQ OverviewCommon QuestionsCan I upgrade at a later date?Yes, you can come back to the product page at any time and pay the difference between tiers. This price change happens automatically provided that you're logged into the account you made the purchase on.Why do you not support Eevee?It's kind of the other way around! THE BEST TERRAIN ADDON. Eevee currently samples all nodes inside a shader and does this every time there is a frame updated in the 3d Viewport. This means that every time you move around in the 3d Viewport, ALL of the nodes need to be recalculated. Due to the complexity of True-Terrains shaders, this leads to slow perfromance in Eevee. Eevee 2.0/NEXT should address these issues.Does True-Terrain have premade terrains?Not at this time. This has been suggested but due to the way True-Terrain is at it's core, premade terrains/presets isn't currently possible. This is something we're looking into.Are updates free?As it currently stands, updates are free. This does not mean UPGRADES are free. These are two different things. Updates include bug fixes, compatibility fixes and new features that don't require the whole addon to be rebuilt. We have big plans for True-Terrains future and this may mean that any core changes to True-Terrain may come at an additional cost, similar to how other software works in the sense that going from major versions comes with a fee, but incremental versions and fixes are free within that major release.Can I use these for any purpose?You can use these in any RENDERS for any purpose, be that education, personal or commercial. You cannot sell, repackage or distribute these in any way.Can I export from True-Terrain to other software?We offer a material baking system, which will allow you to make terrains in Blender with True-Terrain and then bake the materials into single image maps. This will allow you to export the mesh and textures into different software to use. Assets on the other hand do not offer this function as we use particle systems and procedural materials for them

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