Sculpt Paint Layer

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This addon let you to manage sculpt paint(Color Attributes) like layer within paint soft.

This uses material, so you need to change Viewport Shading to Material Preview or Renderd to see layerd result.

This does not support Multiresolution.

---How to use---

Layer system
Select shader and press Create Material button In 3D View Panel > Sculpt Paint Layer.

Note: You need 2 or more color attributes to make layers.

Any material already in the material slot will be removed from the slot and assigned the newly created material.

Once you create material, panel will change as below. Below one is current example Color Attribute.


Eye icon: Toggle visible / invisible the layer.

Pen icon: Edit layer name. It won't change layer name to edit attibute name from Color Attributes properties.

Blend type: Drop down list to change blend type of the layer.

If it is set to Mix, Layer's alpha value affect to blending layers. If alpha is 1, the current layer is displayed, and if alpha is 0, the layer below is displayed.

If it is set to other than Mix, Factor value is affect to blending layers.

Up / Down arrow icon: Change layer order.

Trash can icon: Delete layer(and Color Attribute).

Add Layer: Add layer with Name and Color shown below.

Reload: Initialize assigined material. If you added new Color Attribute or edit Attribute name, this will help. Be careful that this won't keep current layer order, blend type and Factor.

If you wanna bake painted layer(s) from highpoly object to lowpoly one, press Bake button in the panel.

This need to follow usual bake settings. Need UV unwrapped lowpoly object, bake settings in Render Properties etc...

Lowpoly Object: The lowpoly object you want to bake to. This needs to be UV unwrapped.

Layers to be baked: Checked layers are baked.

Refresh icon: Load the current layer.

Export path: Where baked image(s) saved.

Resolution: Image resolution.

Format: PNG or JPEG.

Color: BW, RGB or RGBA.

Color Depth


Color Space

Below is example of bake settings


  • download zip file.
  • Go to Blender’s user preference, open the Add-ons tab

    • click Install and select the zip file.

      • Check the box next to its name to enable it.


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      Published about 1 year ago
      Blender Version 3.5, 3.6
      License GPL
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