Realistic Human Noses, Set Of 10

by Another World Studios in Models

Accurate 3D Reference Material for Your Sculpts

Sometimes having reference images isn't enough to sculpt or model accurate anatomy. This is especially true with human faces, where for instance the depth of the eyes or width of the bridge of the nose is difficult to estimate. We're also often limited by what we think we see as opposed to what's reality (ask any person to draw a realistic ear). Throughout my years in a 3d scanning company I have seen a great variety of faces and it is my opinion that each part of the face is as unique as one's fingerprints. This is a small selection of some of the noses I've come across. Having actual 3D data as reference is invaluable to creating a realistic sculpt of your own.


This product contains a set of 10 human noses, accurately 3d scanned and cleaned up. This set includes noses of children and adults of all ages. Caucasian, African American, Latino or Asian features. The scene comes with the materials, lights and camera used to render the images as seen in the product description. Each model contains vertex colors to serve as cavity maps to highlight the geometry in the render.

Additional Info

Each nose model has been reduced to approximately 20,000 polygons. The models don't contain an texture coordinates and have a decimated polygon distribution (see wireframes). The overall scene is approximately 110,000 polygons.   We are always open to comments or requests regarding our products. If there is other similar data which could benefit artists we would be more than happy to create a new product on the Blender Market. Be sure to check out our Set of Ears.
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Published over 9 years ago
Blender Version 2.7x
Render Engine Used Cycles
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