N_Hair_Nodes V1+ & Hair Card Maker

by NENGHUO in Modifier Setups

The new "HairCard Maker" node & Material! with one node you can turn any curve base hair to hair card,  and use it in your game engine!

is the simplest way to make hair card in blender!


in UE5:

It‘s a Blender GeometryNodes base tool to help you to make hair for the new hair system

Blender 3.5 +

All the Hair Nodes (more node will be add )

***Tutorial Video*** 

1. Introduction for N_Hair Nodes_v1

2. eyebrows eyelashes

3. Peach Fuzz (BabyHair Node) 

4.Smart Way to Make Any Hair Style

5. Draw ANY IMAGE Texture on Hair in Blender

(more Video will be add)

N_Hair_Nodes v1+(1.4) (2023.1.28)

  • New nodes



  • Update

-N_Hair_Set Material

ability to Color your hair by Paint of any Image

-N_Hair_Children / N_Hair_Instances

Children Hair Length can be control

Clump Factor

-N_Hair_Set Radius

To Mesh

-N_Hair_Collision / N_Hair_Curls Hair / N_Hair_Wave Hair

Power Factor


can be control by Weight paint


"Skip" better index control

and some life in proof update ,and some of the Nameing

Blender 3.5 +

***How To Put It In Your Asset Library***


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