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What is the MOAS-GEN addon?

The MOAS-GEN addon batch-generates modular parts from profiles. You can assemble these parts to MOdular ASsets (MOAS). This workflow creates consistency in your assets, and saves a lot of time in case you create multiple modular assets. Modular means you can snap and combine the parts and assets because they share common dimensions.  Mind that at this stage the add-on is a pre-release.  To get an impression, watch the very first video, made with MOAS-GEN.

Basic usage

Is the MOAS-GEN for me? 

This add-on is good for when: 

  • You want to learn a new workflow creating assets. 
  • You want to create a fair amount of (modular) assets.
  • You want to experiment with python and Blender API.  This addon is a good start getting familiar with Python and the Blender API.  The has loads of comments. You can also adjust this for your personal needs. Tutorial will follow later.  

Example of assets

This is an example of assets I made with mainly the MOAS-GEN addon. You can use all other well-known addons like Boxcutter, Hardops, Kitops, Fluent etc, as well.  So far these are all compatible. 

Modular assets (which you can sell or use).

As an example, the above assets are for sale here.  After generating the assets, you can finalise and prepare them for direct use.  This is an example: 


  • You see on the right of this page (if you are logged in): "Ask a Question." After a click, you will see a short form, and I will get a notification. Usually, I will reply within 9 hours unless I am on holiday. 
  • You can also join our Discord Server.  There you can ask questions, see all updates, and you can submit your art. 
  • Or you can contact me at Twitter: @newmediasupply.

The Road-map

At the moment, this is the road-map, but might change.  This depends also on feedback and if I discover even better opportunities for this addon. The speed of development will be like the EV-Express addon.   


  • Profile-factory.  Part to create or adjust profiles.  
  • Parts-factory.    Responsible for batch-generating parts from profiles
  • Parts-warehouse. Location in the scene to store Parts 

Partly done:  

  • Boolean-factory.  For now there is a button "Edge2Bool-array".  Select object (part or asset) go in Edit mode and select part of an edge loop.  Press the button and it will make a boolean array on the mesh. Press G, X for offset, and in Edit mode you can change the bool-shape to your liking. For the gap-distance and count, adjust the array modifier. 

To do

  • Asset-generator.  This is quite easy to achieve: a script that generates assets from the parts. For now you have to manually assemble parts to assets. 

How to stay up-to-date about MOAS-GEN?

You can find news frequently on: 

Release Log

Update 14-03-2020

- Added a function "Join Parts". With this you can join similar parts (that come from the same profile). What it does: a) Make all selected objects single user, b) goes in Edit mode and deletes doubles, c) removes interior faces. 

This opens a few more doors for further finalizing the asset. You can also use this on other objects. Try it with a cube and you will see that you now can subdivide the object with artefacts. Some artefacts are otherwise caused by interior faces. 

Update 17-03-2020

- Added a function "Edge2Bool-array". Select an object (part or asset) and go in Edit mode. Select an Edge loop. (You might want to use Ctrl+R first and then select part of the loop).  Video tutorial will follow later. 

Update 19-03-2020

- Added a function "Edge2Curve". Same procedure as previous, but this will add an extruded curve.  To rotate the extrusion, go in edit mode and press Ctrl+T, 90 (to rotate 90 degrees for example).  Tip: you can add solidify modifier or other modifiers and then convert it mesh. In future update there will be some more controls. 

Update 21-03-2020

- Added Count, Relative Offset and Location of the Edge2BoolArray: 

- Added Offset, Extrudes, Thickness and Convert 2 Mesh for the Edge2Curve: 

Update 22-03-2020

Added a new feature "Face2WeightPaint".  Select a few faces (faceloop or few faces) in Edit mode, then press the button Face2WeightPaint.  That will bring you into Weight Paint.  Left click then drag the mouse to and that will add a gradient Weight paint. Go in Object mode, and you will see settings for Thickness, Factor and Offset. Once done with the settings, click the Finalize button so you can use this tool again on same or other objects.  

Update 27-03-2020

Added a new (experimental) feature: Face 2 Softbody.  There are two steps: 1) Go in Edit mode, select some faces and press Face2SoftBody.  This will bring you into Weight Paint mode. Drag the mouse (mind you can use linear or radial gradient type).  Go out of Edit mode. 2) Press Add Softbody. This will add a softbody with best settings for situations like this and plays the timeline.  

Tips: a) Experiment with the force-fields:  Vortex, Turbulence, Force, Wind, Harmonic. b) You can use simple collision objects that have thickness, like sphere, cylinder etc.  

Note that this is  quite an experimental feature that needs some evolution, trials, feedback etc.  

Update 02-04-2020

Finished with the part that generates assets from parts. So now, the addon has all features I had initially in mind. Therefore the addon is out of pre-release, but expect some update for the UI, and functions to manage and organize assets.  I added another thumbnail previewer that shows asset presets. When you click the convert button, the asset will be updated with parts that are in the scene.  So first, select or make a profile, generate parts, then generate asset. 

You can edit and finalize the generated asset with the tools provided (like face2wieghtpaint) or 3th party tools like Decal Machine. Then select all the objects in the Asset collection in the Outliner, and move it to another collection.  A tutorial will follow later. 

Update 03-04-2020

Bugfix: Some profiles were slightly out of symmetry.  Result was that when you turn a part 180 degrees, it was not join-able. This has now been fixed. All the profiles are now snapp-able in 0 or 180 degrees.  Don't forget though to press convert Asset after loading an asset preset. 

Update 14-08-2020

Added a version of MOAS-GEN for Blender .2.9.  You can find it in the downloads and it's called: 

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