Easy Soft Body

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What is the Easy Soft Body addon?


- One day I wanted to make Soft Body in Blender.
But when I try it, I found that it was difficult and long to achieve a result.
So I create this easy addon for helping you with Soft Body.

- Work with any mesh

Made with Serpens.



      Why is it better than the one in Blender?

      1.  Presets

      - You will find 3 presets for helping you in your Soft Body Creation, so the creation
      time is really quick.

      1. Cube

      2.  Easy Soft Body is Faster

      - In the next video I compare the simulation speed of Easy Soft Body and Soft Body in Blender.

      - I found that Easy Soft Body is 2, 25 faster than Blender Soft Body with better results.


      3.  Help Videos

      - You will also find Question Mark Buttons with parameters,

      so you can check what a parameter is doing (10 Questions Mark Buttons).


      I regroup all the videos that I did with parameters of
      Easy Soft Body and make this video.

      4.  Easy to work

      - I made another video demo. For showing you how it's fun to work with Easy Soft Body.

      Why choosing Easy Soft Body?

      1. Blender Soft Body is difficult to try when you try it for the first time. But this addon is easy to work.
      2. Blender Soft Body is long and this addon let you get the same result but in real time (depend on your scene and the number of polygons on your object but with one object, it’s real time).
      3. You have 3 presets “Cube, Sphere and torus”. It will help you to get a basic good simulation.
      4. You contribute in it. If you have any suggestion for this addon to make it better, tell me with my email address: ulysseboisvert6@gmail.com



      Thank you !!!


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