Custom Planet

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Create Epic Planets in Seconds!


Custom Planet lets you create stunning Planets with Blender in seconds using intuitive UI.
Experience Realtime changes, that lets you focus on the creative side, instead of worrying about render time and performance.
With this Addon, you are not limited by your graphics card or Blender skills, but instead just your artistic eye.

Surface: Choose from a wide range of base textures and unlock a world of customization. From rich forests to vast rocky deserts, create countless unique surfaces with ease.

Water & Emission: Effortlessly breathe life into your planets with city lights, rivers, lava lakes, or oceans. Select from a variety of pre-sets and fine-tune parameters such as strength, rotation, color, and more to match your vision.

Clouds: Select from a range of pre-set cloud layer densities that can be easily customized to suit your vision. Enjoy real-time feedback without long render times, ensuring fast and efficient workflow.

Atmosphere: Adjust the extent of the atmospheric spread into outer space and customize its color and density to perfectly complement your planet's aesthetics. For added artistic flair inspired by popular culture, incorporate a striking white rim.

Starfield: Add a simple starfield with just one click. Adjust the star sizes to match your scene.

Fast to Render! Unlike traditional methods using spheres, high-resolution textures, and volumetric clouds, Custom Planet utilizes a clever material and pre-rendered elements on a 2D plane. This technique offers real-time feedback, saving you valuable render time. Additionally, it keeps your scenes lightweight and renders quickly, making it ideal for complex setups like asteroid fields or epic space battles.

DISCLAIMER: While the advantages are exceptional, it's important to note a couple of limitations. Custom Planet's 2D plane design means you won't be able to rotate around the planet. However, the trade-off is well worth it for the fast rendering speed and efficiency you'll experience. Furthermore, lighting options are limited to a selection of pre-made angles, which will increase in the future.

Also, how close you can get to the Planet is limited by the resolution of the Element’s.

If you encounter any problems, don’t hesitate to contact me:

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Published about 1 year ago
Blender Version 3.5, 3.6
License GPL
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