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 Collision Causes Errors

You may see errors if using particles with rigidbody physics, and this is a limitation of how blender handles the two. The simple solution is to remove collision, re-run the script, then bake the objects you'd like to collide with particles to keyframes. The thing that must be realized is that those particles would not collide with rigidbodies until they are baked to keyframes no matter what you do!

My Million Particles/Cubes is Taking FOREVER

What did you expect? In all seriousness Blender does not like tens of thousands of objects and will slow down. It's best to do the rest of your scene and only run the script when it's ready if you absolutely need a 100k of anything. The scene will slow down exponentially for every thousand or so objects that you add but this is most noticeable after 10-20k and grows to be nearly unmanageable even with the best PC if you have 50k+.

Particles Stop in Midair or Return to Origin

Two things can cause this. You may have a baked particle system that stops at a frame earlier than you really want, such as if you update the scene to be longer after baking. Rigidbodies will stop as well (or return to the emitter) when they have not yet been baked into the rigidbody simulation. It can do very strange things. It is expected that sometimes you might want to clean up some emitter that is in a bad spot in order to avoid restarting the script. 

Collections Can Cause Errors

Some tools need a better process and use collections heavily. If you put something in a collection it might cause an error. These are meant only for objects made by the addon. Also, if you want to do a second particle simulation but keep the first result you can rename the CRBCollection to something else and it will generate a new one.

Tool Throws an Error

Like most things, you should make sure you have added all the objects each script requires. If you try to run it with a blank object, it'll fail with a warning message. If you get an error unrelated to this problem, write me at or use the blender market inbox to send me a message and I'll happily look into it as fast as I can.

What do I do about Particles leftover?

If you ran a tool like particle emit on death you may get particles in positons that you don't want, this is usually due to how long you told it to run vs how long the particles are set to emit etc. You can simply delete any particles that didn't make it to their destination. The addon does not care past the initial run of the script. Do whatever you like with them. Send them into the void along with the default cube.

Running Tool a Second Time Causes Error

My addon relies a bit too much on collections that it produces. One or two tools might throw an error if you run it a second time. Also, you should avoid putting other objects into the addon's collections. I try to put it back to the default scene collection but you may select one, add an object and have it go in there. Try to avoid this by clicking your scene collection before adding objects.

As for the error with existing objects, for now the workaround is very simple - rename the collection. I'll be updating them to fix this problem. The error should not break anything but you may need to undo if it placed objects. Super easy fix as it is looking for the original collection but I intend to put in more fail-safes for this situation, and in case you misplace objects in one of the addon's collections.

Voxelize Doesn't Do My Entire Mesh?

The way it calculates is based on the origin point, so if it's at the bottom or elsewhere it will miss a large part of your mesh. If changing origin is unacceptable then make a copy,  apply transforms and use the script on the copy. It should then work fine! If not, you can use the expand geometry to debug situations where the script and model do not line up or when the dimensions the script receives from blender are off. This will increase the time to calculate the first pass but should be roughly the same on the 2nd pass.

Tower is Broken on Build

If your tower is broken, it is because of an existing rigidbody cache. Simply set it to frame 0 and re-build, or if this doesn't work delete your rigidbody cache (or the entire rigidbody world if it won't be disruptive). For some reason, building a tower can cause blender to put them in odd positions when a simulation is already baked and you are not on frame 0. This only usually happens if you previously simulated  a tower and build a new one. It thinks these new blocks are the originals but it is not limited to this situation. It's weird like that.

Why is it Slow at Random?

It is the nature of Blender's simulation system that having a rigidbody cache unbaked and trying to do particles at the same time will cause the particle simulation to slow down dramatically. Sometimes it's trying to do both at once and will result in bakes for various systems coming out of the one process. To allow for swift experimentation, I've taken to disabling rigidbody world (the checkbox), running my particle sim and re-enabling rigidbodies to bake afterward. It's a workaround for using many particles with rigidbodies whether you are using my addon or not.

Tower Creation Slows The More I Build

This is one of the realities of Blender. As more objects are added, it takes longer for Blender to iterate through all of them. Something I suggest (now that we have this feature) is to use the Skip Separation option on towers so you can build them quickly. When you're done, just select all the objects and pick the separate button in the same tool. It'll perform the separation and give them the correct origins all in one go, and this can be faster. Always save first! 

If you do not have this feature, grab version 1.21 download and it'll help you a lot. This build also features round towers, so have fun!

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