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by Pequod in Surfacing

The Automotive Material Pack is a collection of high-quality automotive Materials and Textures which have been set up for use in Cycles & Eevee. The pack features 13 Master material with different variations and they're all physically based.

Everything you need, Photo-realistic visualization materials out of the box for various automotive vehicles, These materials consist of a relativity Complex shaders with Multiple Layers one after another on top of each other to achieve ultimate results in a single pass.

These materials are fully editable to make sure that it suits all your needs.

this pack does not only features highly detailed and realistic automotive materials but it also has the best car paint shader out there, developed from the ground up for both Eevee and cycles!

Flake rendering

The base car paint layer should have a flaking effect, resembling metallic flakes also found in most car paints. I went with two different methods of rendering these flakes, lighting based and color based. Because of these two methods, the effect looks realistic and it is quite customizable.

Carbon FibreCarbon fiber, found in lightweight sports vehicles, is a woven fiber-pattern material type with a clear coat layer.

materials included are:

NOTE: these are Eevee renderings.

Paint/ColorShift Pigment



Carbon Fibre








Braking Rotor


These are just a presets, everything is customizable.

... to be continued

these materials are physically based, it means they will look realistic at every lighting condition for both Cycles & Eevee.

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