What are the hearts about?

The Blender Market is a project from the crew behind CG Cookie. CG Cookie's mission is to support independent artists, while being a force of good for the community. What a better way to live up to that mission by creating a source of income for Creators on the site as well as Blender itself. Investing back into the source, Blender. Due to Blender's existence the Blender Market Creators and the Market itself are given the opportunity to succeed. 

So if you see a heart ❤️ graphic on a product, you know that a portion of those sales are going back to the Blender Foundation. Each Creator on the site has an opportunity to donate a portion or all of their sales back into the Blender eco-system. 

This allows Creators a simple no barrier way to re-invest in the software they use to make a living and our creators have done so much more than we ever dreamt.

You may view all products that contribute a portion of their proceeds by clicking here.

Check out how much our Creators have donated via our stats page: https://blendermarket.com/market-stats

In just 3 years the Blender Market achieved the status as a Main Sponsor of the Blender Development fund.  A status shared by only a few other contributors. Main Sponsors contribute a minimum $500/mo to the development fund. 

At this time Blender Market is a Corporate Gold sponsor, with Creators contributing an average of $8,640 USD per month. 

It is important to support and show love for the Blender Development Fund, and this is reflected in the sites layout and design. On the home page and during checkout you can visualize how much of that purchase is going back to the Development of Blender: supporting developers creating Blender, and contributing as a force of good within the Blender Community. 

❤️ Happy Blending!